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My HTTP server software is WebSTAR and Apache.
My list server software is LetterRip Pro.

My database software is currently MySQL.
I use PHP for web integration.

My database software used to be FileMaker Pro.
My database web-integration software for that was Tango Enterprise generously supplied by EveryWare Development Corp.

One of my FTP servers is NetPresenz by Peter N Lewis.

My HTML and other code/text production tool is BBEdit from BareBones Software.

My graphics tool is mostly Photoshop by Adobe.


My hardware used to consist of a Centris (now officially known as Quadra) 660 AV with 8MB ram and 80MB hard disk supplied by Apple Canada for the Apple Research Partnership Program at Carleton University.

Then it was a PowerMacintosh 6100 16/250 on loan from Carleton University's Computing & Communications Services department. Special thanks go to Rick Mallett of CCS for arranging this loan, and to Jason Goveas for easing my transition when the loan period was up.

Then it was on a Macintosh IIci 8/80 running off a shared ISDN connection.

Then it was on a different Quadra 660AV on a 28.8 connection.

Then it was colocated on a big bandwidth pipe using a PowerMac 7600.

Now I'm on ADSL with multiple servers (PowerMac 7000 series, and G4 Cube).


This server is physically located in Alberta, Canada.


Work on this server began in November of 1993, with public access being opened during the first week of December, 1993.


This server was set up "because it can be done! :-)"

This was one part of a larger project of studying Macintosh based networking, particularly with regard to the Internet.

Now it has become a key part of my work and hobbies.


From time to time, mistakes are made (that's what you get for having humans run the show!)
Please report any errors or problems you encounter here, to


The ServerGeeks™ (you know who you are).

Lindsay Davies for his excellent BBEdit HTML Tools.

Jason Goveas for supporting my work on the server at Carleton.

Rick Mallett of Carleton University's Computing & Communications Services department for arranging for me to use the PowerMac there as my server, and various other bits of assistance.

The gone but not forgotten WebEdge Conference for supplying me with an incredibly useful and cool Fujitsu DynaMO 230 drive.

About the Name Nisto

Nisto is the Cree word for 3.

Nisto is a strong number, filled with possibilities for interpretation.

Nisto is also one of the easiest Cree words for english speakers to pronounce, making it a fair starting point for those new to the language. (it's also short - making for a convenient domain name :-)

The use of a Cree word is a reminder for me that much has been lost to the stupidity and arrogance of humans over time, that there remains much work to be done to make tomorrow, and that life carries on.

You can also take it to be a reminder that each of us is nisto people: our past, present and future. Remember where you've been and what you've done. Be proud of who you are now. Always consider what will come after you are gone.

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