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These are prototypes for card-sized tension/unrest trackers.

Tuesday, February 1, 2000

Rob Hayward has produced some nice color card-sized trackers (JPEG format; 400dpi).

The Trackers

  • The current versions are just in black & white - printable double-sided.
  • I intend to develop color versions incorporating images from Babylon 5.
  • I haven't done one for the Shadows/Vorlons/Bab5 influence yet.
  • Download: A printable Black & White sheet in PDF format.
    Print page 2 on the back of page 1 to get a set of 9 double-sided tracker cards.


Here's what the current version looks like:

My design suggests 5 different cards: one for each of the different races showing their unrest and their tension toward the other 4 races. The flipside of the cards will be a tracker for tension toward the 5 Opposing/Home factions. So, in a normal game (2-5 players) you will need just one card. In a game with Opposing/Home factions, players will need 2 cards.

I've sized the spacing of the numbers on the trackers for pennies (at least Canadian and U.S. pennies). A penny can cover the current number while not covering any other number on the tracker. Note that the pennies will hang over the edge of the card in places.

Comments on the design of these trackers can be sent to Grant Neufeld.

Other People's Designs

Rob Hayward
Some nice color card-sized trackers (JPEG format; 400dpi). He's done one for each of the factions (with separate ones for home factions and Psi Corps), and B5, Shadows and Vorlons influence.
Joey Ward
Meant to be used with dice, these are sized correctly in a word file with optional new card backs as well. You will have to place a card over the paper to find exactly where to cut. Don't expect to get the whole circle on the card.

This website is cardware - if you find it useful, you are encouraged to send me a non-common booster card(s) from the game. (email Grant Neufeld for current address)

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