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Compiler/Link Errors

Where can I find the current Universal Headers?

Apple "Developer CD Series"
:Tool Chest:Interfaces & Libraries:Interfaces:CIncludes:
Apple "d e v e l o p: Bookmark CD"
:Tools & Applications:Interfaces:
Apple's Developer FTP Site
(pick up the C interfaces)

They should also be available for download from Apple. You'll have to search Apple's developer site for the location, though. If you find the location for download, please let me know so I can list it here. Thanks.

Can I use the 3.x Universal Headers from Apple?

You'll have to redo your "MacHeaders" or "MacHeaders++" files. You may also have to change some of the library files around. Personally, I recommend holding off until Metrowerks properly integrates the 3.x Universal Headers into Codewarrior, unless there's something you really need that isn't available in the 2.x headers.

Where can I find the QCAPI.h, QCAPI.CWPPC.LIB, and/or other QCAPI files?

The QCAPI is distributed as part of the commercial software "QC", produced by Onyx Technologies. QC is 'quality control' software testing for the Mac. I give it my strongest recommendation.

If you don't have QC, just make sure you turn off 'kCompileWithExtraQC' in "MyConfiguration.h", and don't include the QCAPI library files in your projects.

Why am I getting an error that the compiler could not find the file "ICAPI.h"?

Be sure to put the "InternetConfig" folder either in your compiler folder or add it to the paths accessed for System includes (those in <> brackets).

Why am I getting Link Warnings when linking the PPC versions? (version 2)

I've added the 'libmoto' PowerPC library to the CGI PPC and WSAPI PPC targets. This library includes optimized versions of a number of common math and string functions. It replaces the equivalent functions in 'MathLib' and 'MSL C.PPC.Lib'.
Additionally, when linking the CGI PPC target, the 'OTXTILib' used for OpenTransport support contains 'errno' data just like 'MSL C.PPC.Lib'.

You can safely ignore these link warnings.


With WebSTAR server plug-ins (W*API), does the CGI framework still have any use?

With the framework you can produce both CGIs and Plug-Ins from one set of source code. The framework also includes enhancements not included in the basic WebSTAR API.

Another reason for keeping with the framework is the growing set of utility functions included.

The intention is to continue to adapt the framework to new developments in Mac based internet serving as they emerge. So, by using the framework and you should have an easier time adapting to those changes. There will always be bumps to get over, but this way you're sharing the support of a lot of people using the same code set and making it easier for all of us to focus on the end product.

Why support the old AppleEvent format once WSAPI is available?

Many people use MacHTTP, NetPresenz and other servers that don't (yet) support WSAPI. There will also be some sites that don't upgrade their WebSTARs. So, if you distribute your software only as a plug-in, you'll be excluding a lot of sites who might otherwise use your CGI.

Another way to use CGIs is to distribute the CGI version of your CGI/plug-in as shareware, and provide the plug-in only to registered users.

CodeWarrior Questions

How can I get the my project to compile with the CodeWarrior 8 release?

Metrowerks modified their ANSI libraries in CW8. You now need to include "console.stubs.c", unless you are using the SIOUX interface, in which case you need the appropriate "SIOUX.?.lib". These files are found in the CodeWarrior folder in: "MacOS Support:Libraries:SIOUX:"

How can I get the my project to compile with the CodeWarrior Pro release? (Version 1)

You need to substitute the new MSL (Metrowerks Standard Libraries) library files in place of the older ANSI libs.

Metrowerks Standard Library:MSL C:Bin: MSL C.PPC.Lib
MacOS Support:Libraries:Runtime:Runtime PPC: MSL RuntimePPC.Lib
Metrowerks Standard Library:MSL C:Bin: MSL C.68K (4i_8d).Lib
MacOS Support:Libraries:MacOS 68K:MathLib68K:MathLib68K (Model Near): MathLib68K (4i_8d).Lib
MacOS Support:Libraries:Runtime:Runtime 68K: MSL Runtime68K.Lib
Metrowerks Standard Library:MSL C:MSL Mac:Source: console.stubs.c

You will have to add the MSL paths to the "Access Paths" preferences for the target preferences.

User Paths
{Compiler f}:Metrowerks Standard Library:MSL C:
System Paths
{Compiler f}:Metrowerks Standard Library:MSL C:

Do a global replace of some old Mac Toolbox function names in the Framework's source files:
Original Replace With
GetMHandle GetMenuHandle
GetDItem GetDialogItem
GetItem GetMenuItemText
AddResMenu AppendResMenu

Symantec Compilers Questions

How can I use the script to test my cgi when running it under Symantec's debugger?

Your test AppleScript has to point at the project file, and not the compiled application, if you want to use the Symantec debuggers to test the CGI event.

Questions About the Code

When the CGI AppleEvent is suspended, how does the data get sent back? (version 1)

At the end of cgiAESearchDocProcess, there is the following:

if ( (*theCGIHdl)->suspended )
    /* We're in a suspended AppleEvent, so we'll need to resume the
       AppleEvent to have it complete and return the reply properly. */
    theErr = AEResumeTheCurrentEvent ( &theAppleEvent,
        &((*theCGIHdl)->replyEvent), vCGIAEResumeCompleteUPP, (long)theCGIHdl );
    /* We weren't suspended, but still need to take care of the
       AppleEvent reply record. */
    theErr = cgiAEComplete ( theCGIHdl );

Both options result in the cgiAEComplete function being called. However, if the AE was suspended, then the AEResumeTheCurrentEvent call resumes it using the procedure pointed to by the vCGIAEResumeCompleteUPP UniversalProcedurePointer. So, when the vCGIAEResumeCompleteUPP procedure returns, it's the same as if a normal AppleEvent handler had returned. The result from that procedure is what is returned for the AppleEvent result.

Mailing Lists

How can I subscribe, unsubscribe, etc.

See the mailing list info.
To get specific instruction on the grantcgi mailing lists, send email to the mailing list address with the message Subject set to the word: help

Cross Platform Issues

Will I have to change my UNIX CGI code to run with a Mac server?

Yes, you will have to recode (how much depends on what your original code looks like).

Mac CGIs are full-fledged Mac applications and require all the standard event handling that implies. In order to communicate with the web server, a Mac CGI must handle and respond to the CGI AppleEvent.

Grant's CGI Framework has all the AppleEvent handling already set up.

In version 1 of the framework, you just need to extract needed data from the fields in theCGIHdl structure, instead of from stdin. Memory must also be allocated to hold the CGI output (response data) which is then 'stored' in theCGIHdl so the framework can put it into the AppleEvent Reply that gets sent back to the web server.


When will the framework become an official release instead of just Beta?

Further development of version 1 has been discontinued.
Version 2 is currently expected to go final before December 1997.

When will the framework support PIXO?

I'm currently looking at how to integrate the PIXO ("Plug-In Cross-Over") API into the framework. Beyond that, I cannot say when it will be ready.

Why doesn't the framework support the MOS API?

The MOS API is effectivly a dead technology. Its creators have completely dropped it now that the WebSTAR API can be used by anybody. It offers no advantages over W*API and was never really complete.

Grant's CGI Framework

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