Random URL CGI (Obsolete)

Made With Grant's CGI Framework

by Grant Neufeld

Current Version: 1.0 beta 3 Friday, September 27, 1996


Random URL is a CGI application for WebSTAR or MacHTTP (or any other CGI sdoc compatible web server) which randomly returns an url, from a text file, to clients. This program is shareware.

This software is obsolete and is maintained here for archival purposes only. Use at your own risk.

Upgrade Notice

The current version adds a preferences dialog with Balloon Help.
The bug that prevented Random URL from running with some Mac web servers has been fixed. It should now operate will all Mac web servers that support the Macintosh CGI standard.
Various other bugs have been fixed.



The Random URL CGI operates through the use of text file lists of URLs. The files are pre-indexed by the CGI to ensure fast response. Any action or data that can be specified by an url (HTML pages, QuickTime movies, email, newsgroups... ) can be returned by this CGI.

You can even have the images embedded in an HTML document be chosen at random using the Random URL CGI.

Random URL CGI takes up very little memory - it can run on less than 256K. And, if it hasn't been accessed for a while, it automatically quits itself to free up that memory.


File Size:
32767 bytes maximum size. Anything larger will not be used.
URL Size:
4095 characters maximum per URL.
Total URLs:
32767. But then, you can't fit that many into a 32767 byte file anyway.

This is beta software but it seems to actually work without problems! Don't bet your life on it though...


Further Information About this CGI

World Wide Web home page

Source Code

This application is based on "Grant's CGI Framework"
The aditional code specific to this project is not available.

Legal Stuff

See the included "License and Limited Warranty" document for all the usual boring details.


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