Lesson 2: Numbers One Through Ten (and zero)

mwac ke'kwa'n
0 - zero
Literally: not anything
1 - one
2 - two
3 - three
n'ew, ne'wo, ne'yo
4 - four
5 - five
n(i)kotwa'sik or kotwa'sik
6 - six
7 - seven
ayina'new (dialects: e'na'ne'w)
8 - eight
ke'ka'c mita'taht
9 - nine
Literally: almost ten
mita'taht (W. dialects: mita'yaht for mita'taht)
10 - ten

Extra Numbers (not from the instruction book)

13 - thirteen
20 - twenty


Count the following aloud in Cree:

  1. The windows in the room.
  2. The doors in the room.
  3. The chairs in the room, or, if you are in a classroom, just count the students.
  4. The rooms in your house.
  5. The wires leading to the nearest hydro pole.
  6. The buttons on your shirt or dress.
  7. Anything else that seems to consist of ten or less. If you have to count beyond ten, get help from your teacher.

Name the numbers in the following in Cree, and write them down in figures so your teacher can check you:

  1. Your phone number.
  2. Your license plate (if you have one).
  3. Your house number, or room number, or post office box number.
  4. Your social insurance number.
  5. Anything else you can think of.

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