Lesson 6: Some useful commands

'Enter!', 'Go inside!' (said to one person)
(Dialects: pi'htoke' or pi'htike' for pi'htikwe')
'Enter, you people!'
(Dialects: pi'htoke'k or pi'htike'k for pi'htikwe'k)
These words are used where English uses 'Come in!' to invite someone at the door into a building room. Otherwise, a more exact translation of 'Come in!' is pe'-pi'htikwe'.
'sit (down)!' (said to one person)
'Sit (down), you people!'
'Go out!', 'Go outside!' (said to one person)
'Go out(side), you people!'
'Go home!' (said to one person)
'Go home, you people!'
'Say it!' (said to one person)
ki'htwa'm itwe'
'Say it again!' (said to one person)
ki'htwa'm itwe'k
'Say it again, you people!'
pe'hka'c itwe'
'Say it slowly!', 'Say it carefully!' (said to one)
n(i)sihka'c itwe'
' Say it slowly!'
'Count!' (to one)
'Count, you people!'
kawin'a api
'Don't sit (down)!' (to one)
kawin'a apik
'Don't sit (down), you people!'
kawin'a ki'we'
'Don't go home.' (to one)
kawin'a ce'skwa pe'-pi'htikwe'
'Con't come in yet!' (to one)
kawin'a pe'-pihtikwe' ce'skwa
'Don't come in yet!'
(E. dial. ka'n'a for kawin'a)
'Go away!', 'Get away!'
'Come here!'

New Adverbs

'carefully, slowly'
'carefully, slowly'


Words like 'go', 'go in', 'go out', 'sit', 'count' are verbs.

In Cree, as in English, most verbs, when spoken alone, express commands. In Cree, however, these command-forms are singular, that is, they are only used in speaking to one person.

In giving a command to more than one person, the plural command-form of a verb must be used. This is formed for many verbs, including those above, by adding -k.

ka'win'a 'don't' is used in place of mo'n'a or mwac with command - forms.

Note: when a or a' is followed by a or a', the two vowels are sometimes pronounced like on a'. Thus kawin'a api is sometimes pronounced as kawin'a'pi.

awas and a'stam are not verbs in Cree, though they can be translated into English by commands containing verbs.


The best way to practice these commands is to have your teacher say some of them to you for you to obey. To avoid the expense of time and energy involved in going out and coming in, sitting down and getting up, put a couple of coins or something on the table to indicate a door and let your fingers do the walking.

Always use 'say it again'l in Cree when you want your teacher to repeat something

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