Australian letter to Mulroney

Lubicon Lake Indian Nation
Little Buffalo Lake, AB
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March 30, 1991

Enclosed for your information is a letter from Australia to Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney regarding the continuing Lubicon tragedy.

March 22, 1991, letter to Prime Minister Brian Mulroney from Frank H. Stuckert, Bright, Australia


I am sick and outraged by the way you are treating the Lubicon Lake Indian Nation. The Lubicons have been fighting for a land settlement for more than 50 years. This fact alone shows up Canada for what it is, a colonial power exploiting disadvantaged people! Your government's so-called "final offer" to the Lubicon is wholly unreasonable and an outrage.

Your promises made recently in Vancouver to "make the resolution of the aboriginal problems a very substantial priority in the second half of your mandate" cannot be taken seriously when compared to your past track record!

Your refusal to negotiate a just and fair settlement allows the situation of the Lubicon to worsen into a tragedy. It is somehow ironic that you ask your countrymen to tell Keith Spicer's Commission what kind of country they want to see in the future. How can I take that seriously? It is high time you settle the Lubicon dispute fairly and quickly. No one can give credibility to your lectures about racism in South Africa, your anxiety over the Baltic States, or your concerns about Kuwait, while the defenceless First Canadians are invaded and plundered by Canadian and foreign interests with the assistance of your government.

Surely at this point of human development countries are more enlightened and have learned better ways to deal with one another. Thank you for your attention.

Yours very truly,

F.H. Stuckert

cc: Lubicon Lake Indian Nation

Hon. Tom Siddon