Lubicon: Letter to Daishowa

Lubicon Lake Indian Nation
Little Buffalo Lake, AB
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May 9, 1991

Enclosed for your information is a copy of a letter to Daishowa on the continuing Lubicon tragedy.

May 3, 1991

11 Orwell Close

Red Deer, Alberta

T4N 5J2

Daishowa Forest Products

Norcen Energy Ltd.


Many years of confrontations between logging companies and the Lubicon nation, should have convinced most reasonable people that there has got to be an answer better than the one we have found so far. Couldn't it be that the answer is to acknowledge the Lubicons' just land claims and to negotiate with them the same as you would with any other corporation or owner of land you wish to develop/exploit?

We are supposed to be reasoning and intelligent human beings, certainly wiser than the computers which we like to think we are programming. Would any computer act as completely selfish and stupid as we have treated the Lubicons? Computers take in all facts and then come up with a sensible solution -- something the present situation could not by any stretch of the imagination be called. Please -- let's treat the Lubicons with the justice with which we ourselves would want to be treated.

Sincerely yours,

(Mrs.) Marie Ottosen

cc: Minister of Indian Affairs

Audrey McLaughlin, M.P., Leader of the NDP

Hon. Jean Chretien, Leader of the Opposition

Ethel Blondin, M.P.

Georges Erasmus, National Chief

Lubicon Nation