Excellent Letter To Daishowa

Lubicon Lake Indian Nation
Little Buffalo Lake, AB
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3536 - 106 Street
Edmonton, AB T6J 1A4
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July 2, 1991

Enclosed for your information is an excellent letter to Daishowa VP Tom Hamaoka.

Mr. Hamer clearly understands the games being played and has responded pointedly, precisely and correctly.

June 27, 1991 Letter to Daishowa Canada Company, Ltd. VP Tom Hamaoka, 3500 Park Place, 666 Burrard Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6C 2X8, from Red Deer resident John Hamer

Dear Mr. Hamaoka:

In answer to the letter I wrote you dated May 24, 1991, I received a reply from Mr. James P. Morrison of your Edmonton office. Mr. Morrison gave assurance that Daishowa would not be logging in the area agreed upon by the Lubicons and the Alberta Government as a future Lubicon reserve.

The proposed reserve is only a small fraction of unceded, traditional Lubicon territory and it is unceded Lubicon land, including the reserve, that Daishowa and its sub-contractors are asked to avoid.

The UN Human Rights Committee has called for a halt to further industrial development that threatens the well-being of Lubicon people. Clearcut logging by Daishowa or its subcontractors would further damage Lubicon men, women and children whose family's have already been torn apart by the effects of past and present resource exploitation.

All fair-minded Canadians applaud your efforts to help persuade the Government of Canada to abandon its barbaric treatment of the Lubicon people who are asking only for a return to self-sufficiency.

Yours truly,

John Hamer