Purposeful action re DAISHOWA

August 23, 1991, Lubicon mail-out on Daishowa boycott

Enclosed for your information is a copy of a positively inspired letter recently sent to the Chairman of the Ontario Liquor Control Board by the Toronto Friends of the Lubicon.

The letter represents the kind of pointed action required to hopefully stop Daishowa from delivering a final coup de grace to the embattled Lubicon society.

It would be helpful if people from across the country and around the world wrote Ontario Premier Bob Rae supporting the request by the Toronto Friends of the Lubicon. Premier Rae is known to be generally sympathetic and may well be supportive if the message gets through to him. Premier Rae's mailing address is :

The Hon. B. Rae

Premier, Government of Ontario

Queen's Park

Toronto, ONT M7A 2B7

It would also be good if people from across the country and around the world considered action similar to that being taken by the Toronto Friends of the Lubicon. Daishowa's paper products are typically marked as having been produced by Daishowa. In addition local environmental groups might prove a useful source of information about Daishowa's commercial involvements in specific areas, since Daishowa is a major threat to the world's forests as well as to the Lubicons.

August 15, 1991, Letter to Chairman Andy Brandt, Liquor Control Board of Ontario, 55 Lakeshore Blvd. East, Toronto, ONT M5E 1A4, from Stephen Kenda, Friends of the Lubicon (Toronto), 485 Ridelle Avenue, Toronto, ONT M6B 1K6 (re-printed with permission)

Dear Mr. Brandt,

The recent historic signing between Ontario and First Nations' Chiefs recognizing aboriginal rights to self government opens the road for a rebalancing of relations. For rebalancing to occur, actions in line with the spirit of the accord are mandatory at this time.

But what is to be done, you may ask?

We, the Friends of the Lubicon, note with grave concern that paper bags used by LCBO retain outlets are made by Daishowa.

Did you know that:

Daishowa Canada Ltd. is violating a March 1988 agreement not to log unceded Lubicon Lake Indian territory.

In pronouncing its March '90 verdict of a Human Rights Violation, the United Nations stated that "recent developments threaten the way of life and culture of the Lubicon Lake Band and constitute a violation of Article 27 so long as they continue".

Daishowa's clear-cutting continues to accelerate the cultural genocide.

Rather than sustaining support for this morally indefensible cultural slaughter and in keeping with Ontario's commitment to ameliorate the plight of aboriginal people, the Friends of the Lubicon strongly urge the LCBO to employ an alternate source for its paper bags.

Thank you for your time. We hope to hear from you soon.


Stephen Kenda