Edmonton Telephone using DAISHOWA products

Lubicon Lake Indian Nation
Little Buffalo Lake, AB
FAX: 403-629-3939

Mailing address:
3536 - 106 Street
Edmonton, AB T6J 1A4
FAX: 403-437-0719

September 14, 1991

The Hon. Jan Reimer

Office of the Mayor

City Hall, 5th Floor, Centennial Building

10015 - 103 Avenue

Edmonton, AB T5J OH1

Dear Mayor Reimer:

The Lubicon people have learned that Edmonton Telephones is considering placing a $3 million telephone book newsprint order with a Daishowa subsidiary in the United States named Daishowa of Port Angeles, Washington. We ask that you use the influence of your good office to encourage Edmonton Telephones to place this order with some company not associated with Daishowa.

We make this request because Daishowa intends to obtain trees for its paper mills from the unceded Lubicon territory, through another Daishowa subsidiary named Brewster Construction, contrary to an agreement with the Lubicon people that it will not try to log in our unceded traditional territory until there is a settlement of Lubicon land rights. We also make this request because Daishowa's bleached-kraft Peace River pulp mill uses a process for producing pulp now generally acknowledged to create toxins that threaten human life.

Attached for your information are materials pertaining to Daishowa's bleached-kraft Peace River pulp mill, the environmental consequences of the process it uses and Daishowa's agreement with the Lubicon people. If you have any question about these materials or require additional information, I can be reached through Fred Lennarson's office in Edmonton, 3536 -106 Street, T6J 1A4; telephone number 436-5652; fax number 437-0719.

Thank you for your consideration.


Bernard Ominayak, Chief

Lubicon Lake Indian Nation