Long Awaited Lubicon Book Finally Available

October 21, 1991, Lubicon mail-out on John Goddard Book


The long-awaited John Goddard book on the Lubicons is finally finished and will be available in Canadian book stores about the middle of November for an advertised price of $26.95. People can also obtain a copy of the Goddard book from the Edmonton Lubicon office for an estimated $20.00 Canadian including postage.

John Goddard first encountered the Lubicons while working on an article for Equinox Magazine in 1984 and saw in the situation a sort of condensed, distilled, capsulized version of the colonization of North America. Since then he's pursued the story of the Lubicon struggle with the ever-questioning persistence and patience of a never quite satisfied history scholar, the relentless and uncompromising tenacity of a tough almost to the point of being rash let-the-chips-fall-where-they-may investigative reporter, and the near-poetic literary skills of a first class, award winning writer. As many a politician, government bureaucrat and PR flunky have learned to their dismay, John Goddard is not somebody you want to try to baffle, bamboozle, flimflam or keep secrets from.

In addition to spending years pouring over, cross-referencing and double-checking thousands of pages of historical and legal documentation, John Goddard has been all kinds of places and talked to all kinds of people -- some of them well known to anybody who reads the newspaper, others not many know about but who've played key roles in the Lubicon struggle. He spent time with Bernard Ominayak on the Chief's trapline when trapping was still a viable way of life for the Lubicons and few people had ever heard of Chief Ominayak. He attended small meetings in Edmonton church basements where Chief Ominayak was speaking and followed the Chief across Europe. He was at Sturgeon Lake when Federal Indian Affairs Minister David Crombie agreed to appoint E. Davie Fulton "to make a deal" with the Lubicons. He was in Ottawa when Mr. Crombie's successor charged that Mr. Fulton had become "biased" in favour of the Lubicons. He was in Little Buffalo Lake when the Lubicons blockaded roads and asserted jurisdiction over 4,000 square miles of northern Alberta. He was at Grimshaw when Alberta Premier Don Getty agreed that the Alberta Provincial Government would stop blocking a settlement of Lubicon land rights. And he was there when officials of the Canadian Federal Government paid the members of the Government-created Woodland Cree Band $50 each for their votes and promised $1,000 more per family member if the "Woodies" voted to accept a Government-designed settlement offer clearly intended to once and for all tear Lubicon society asunder and scuttle Lubicon land rights.

Chief Ominayak often counsels people seeking his advice to "just tell the truth". No one who knows John Goddard's work doubts for a moment that John Goddard's book will, to the best of John Goddard's considerable knowledge and ability, tell the truth about the Lubicon struggle.

For those wanting to order copies of the book through the Lubicon office, please send a check or money order for $20.00 to: Lubicon Lake Indian Nation, 3536 - 106 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T6J 1A4.