Letter to Ontario Premier Bob Rae re Daishowa Boycott

Lubicon Lake Indian Nation
Little Buffalo Lake, AB
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November 19, 1991

Enclosed for your information is a copy of a letter to Ontario Premier Bob Rae regarding the boycott of Daishowa paper products.

October 08, 1991, Letter to Ontario Premier Bob Rae from Don Mills, Ontario resident Rosemarie Herrell

Dear Bob:

As a supporter of the NDP for many years and the NDP's pledge to honour Native self-government, I demand our government boycott and cancel all contracts with Daishowa. As you will recall this company entered into an agreement with the Lubicon Lake Cree Nation that they would not cut trees in unceded Lubicon territory until a land rights agreement had been reached with the federal and provincial governments. In the fall of 1990, in violation of this agreement, Daishowa subsidiaries began clear-cutting.

We could start by the Ontario government cancelling the Liquor Control Board of Ontario's contract with Daishowa for paper bags or any other products that come to light.

In the meantime, I shall make it my business to boycott any company found to be using Daishowa paper products such as Pizza Pizza, Cultures and Ho-Lee Chow fast food outlets. I shall also raise the issue in all the organizations I am a member of and ask that they do the same.

The Ontario government just do its part. We must not allow the Lubicon Nation to fall victim to this company. This same company that wrangled a lease to cut in Alberta's Wood Buffalo National Park, that included such atrocious terms as: permission to clear-cut 98% of their lease; permission to clear-cut sections up to 5 km wide; allowing trees to be cut by streams and riverbanks, which leads to soil erosion; and replanting of cut areas is not a stipulation in the agreement.

Please respond. I would like to know what plan of action this government intends to take.