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December 19, 1991

Enclosed for your information is a copy of a letter to the Editor of the Edmonton Sun once again putting on display Daishowa double-speak. The letter dramatically illustrates what the Lubicons are up against in dealing with Daishowa.

Daishowa double-spokesman Jim Morrison resolutely denies that Daishowa owns the rights to clear-cut Wood Buffalo National Park, saying that Daishowa only purchased Canfor's High Level Sawmill which previously held those rights and has an agreement with Canfor to provide Daishowa with the timber harvested pursuant to those rights.

What Daishowa double-spokesman Morrison doesn't say is that the end result is exactly the same as if Daishowa was directly clear-cutting a national park and internationally recognized World Heritage Site, or that the only reason that the harvesting rights were left in Canfor's name is so that the terms of an extremely advantageous and controversial timber lease won't have to be re-negotiated.

Daishowa's lack of respect for the intelligence of Canadians truly knows no limits.

Letter appearing in THE EDMONTON SUN, Thursday, December 19, 1991, from Daishowa Spokesperson Jim Morrison

I am writing in reference to a letter to the editor from Donald E. Young concerning logging in Wood Buffalo National Park, which appeared in THE EDMONTON SUN Dec. 5. Mr. Young stated that the logging lease in the park "is now held by the Japanese multinational Daishowa". This is not correct. Daishowa Canada Co. Ltd. purchased the assets of the High Level Division of Canadian Forest Products Ltd. (Canfor) in 1990, but the rights to harvest timber in the park were not included in that transaction. Canfor remains the owner of Timber Berth No. 408 in the park and has a log supply agreement with High Level Forest Products Ltd., a Daishowa subsidiary, to supply logs to the High Level sawmill operation. Canfor's rights to log in the park are currently the subject of negotiations with Parks Canada, with the objective of terminating logging in the park in return for fair compensation.

James P. Morrison
General Manager
Edmonton Office
Daishowa Canada Co. Ltd.