1835 Name Petition Sent to Daishowa

Lubicon Lake Indian Nation
Little Buffalo Lake, AB
FAX: 403-629-3939

Mailing address:
3536 - 106 Street
Edmonton, AB T6J 1A4
FAX: 403-437-0719

December 25, 1991

Attached for your information is a copy of one page of a 69 page petition on the Lubicon situation recently sent to Daishowa Vice President Tom Hamaoka. Attached also is a copy of the letter which covered the petition.

December 20, 1991, letter to Tom Hamaoka from Toronto Friends of the Lubicon

Dear Mr. Hamaoka:

Enclosed you will find the names of 1,835 people who are asking you to respect Lubicon Sovereignty by stopping all forestry activity, and all plans for forestry activity, in the Lubicon territory, until there is a settlement of Lubicon land rights, and until Lubicon environmental and wildlife concerns are dealt with.

Thank you for your attention.


Ed. Bianchi

Text of Petition attached to above letter


With the complicity of the Canadian federal government and the Alberta provincial government, DAISHOWA, a multi-national forestry company, is clear-cutting Lubicon land. We, the undersigned, understand that this decision to sell Lubicon land violates Lubicon sovereignty. We know that logging, and oil and gas development, are destroying the Lubicon way of life and amounts to cultural genocide.

We ask that Lubicon sovereignty be respected and that all development stop until the Lubicon land claim is settled.