CIS: Letter of protest to Brian Baloney concerning Lubicon



The following letter of protest has been send out to Brian Baloney, concerning the emission of a so-called "standard response" and a "fact sheet" to Canadian embassies word-wide.


Big Mountain Aktionsgruppe


Muenchen, January 10, 1992

Dear Sir,

Recently I received a letter designed by your administration as a standard response for questions and protest concerning the Lubicon situation in Northern Alberta brought forward to more than 50 Canadian missions worldwide. The paper and the attached so-called "fact sheet" are another gross example of your government's attempt to distort facts, to deny responsibilities and to ly to the ever growing public witnessing Human Rights violations against the Lubicon Lake Indian Nation.

I would like to comment on a few feats of this propaganda paper:

The size of Belguim and the Netherlands are very well known here in Europe as opposed to the geographical capacities of Progressive Conservative think tanks hammering out your specially designed disinformation campaigns. It is very well known that the traditional unceded Lubicon Land does not exceed 10 000 sqkm, while Belguim and the Netherlands cover a territory of about 70 000 sqkm. What your earth science experts should know, however, is that the timber lease blanketing the entire Lubicon territory which so willingly has been handed over to Daishowa Canada by Canadian authorities approximately covers an area as large as the Dutch or the Swiss territory. While your Forestry Minister Oberle is travelling around in Europe bragging about the size and the resources of Canada, which is commonly known to cover a disputed territory of 9.97 million sqkm (having come into possession and still being created by administrative genocide and massive resource theft), the government of resource-rich and vast Canada is not able to properly address the Human Rights of 500 people in Northern Alberta.

Your paper specifically mentions the fact that the future reserve is exempted from clear-cutting by logging companies and how generous and wise this all is. Of course this is all nonsense intended to deceive the public. Your own administration already accepted in the so-called generous offer in 1989 the existence of Lubicon land rights exceeding the size of the future reserve, also exceeding entitlements under Treaty 8. Since your well-planned sabotage offer of January 1989 there have been no negotiations, no cessions or sales of Lubiocn land which cannot mean anything else than that the Lubicon Lake Indian Nation still holds unextinguished aboriginal title to their traditional land, regardless the size of a future reserve. The paper in short reflects the following situation: The thief when caught excused himself by stating that he did not steal anything that he wasn't interested in anyway.

Another attempt to deceive the public by making false claims is your reference to the UN Human Rights Commission. The UN Human Rights Commission never said that the so-called "fair", "reasonable", "generous" and what-have-you offer of 1989 was an appropriate remedy to the grievances inflicted on the Lubicon people by the Canadian government. The UN Commission said that negotiations are an appropriate remedy, expressing their opinion that there should be a political solution as opposed to a legal one to this matter. Since there are no negotiations going on and since a settlement has not been achieved Canada therefore still is in violation of Article 27 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights as having been signed by Canada.

Being disgusted with these all too demagogic, poorly covered lies and distortions we see no reason to end the ongoing Campaign against Daishowa Canada, its customers and subsidiaries. Infact we feel compelled to increase our efforts.

Yours sincerely

Ludwig Seiller

Chairperson, BMAG

Dionys Zink

Member of the Board, BMAG


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