Response to "Status Of Lubicon Land Claim"

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January 13, 1992

Enclosed for your information is a copy of a letter to Federal Indian Affairs Minister Tom Siddon regarding the document being distributed to Canadian missions around the world entitled "Status of Lubicon Lake Claim."

January 06, 1992, letter to Tom Siddon from Ontario resident L. Harper

Dear Mr. Siddon:

RE: the one page document entitled STATUS OF LUBICON LAKE CLAIM

It's hard for me to comprehend why anyone for any reason would resort to outright lies in order to uphold a position designed to destroy the integrity and the inherent rights of another fellow human being(s).

Sadly, in the past, people in your position have often made quite a career out of it and in relation to the Lubicon Cree Nation it would seem you are destined to follow suit.

Fortunately, for the growing number of World Citizens who prefer the truth to lies, there are books like John Goddard's most recent "Last Stand of the Lubicon". So there is no real need for me to reiterate what has already been stated clearly by Mr. Goddard and many others. Every point made in your above document is historically incorrect and shamelessly untrue.

I feel it necessary to say, in case the obvious for some reason has passed you by that if this is the last stand for the Lubicon Cree than perhaps this is also the last stand for the Earth. "As above so below", but however you choose to interpret it, the reality of our own lives is before us like a huge mirror and reflected back this time is the Lubicon, a reminder of what we will all lose if the Lubicon go down along with the forests of Northern Alberta.

Do you have children Mr. Siddon and grandchildren? What will it be like for them to have nothing but a concrete jungle to play in? Will it take the suffering of our own children the destruction of our own way of life and all we hold sacred as with the Lubicon before we realize that there is a Law that transcends all material considerations, an indisputable Law that recognizes and records every transgression against any living creature be it plant, mineral, animal, or human. In this Law of Creation, none of us are exempt and we will all pay regardless of our colour, creed or position.

I truly hope when the Great Circle comes around, we are all ready. I can already hear the grinding of the Wheel.


L. Harper