Letter to the Editor re Lubicon

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January 26, 1992

Enclosed for your information is a copy of a letter to the Editor of The Edmonton Journal on the Lubicon situation. The author of the letter is clearly not deceived by the Government's new anti-Lubicon propaganda campaign.

THE EDMONTON JOURNAL, Wednesday, January 22, 1992, Letter to the Editor from Kaslo, B.C. resident Jack Ross


It seems quite clear that the government of Canada, through Tom Siddon, is determined to extinguish the Lubicon Cree, not in the legal doctrinal sense of the term, but to drive them away, set up such despair that they extinguish themselves. That is immoral. We need a new government.

The government's agents, that is the Indian affairs department, continually, and obviously intentionally, obfuscate issues. Their propaganda, in the press and to citizens, endlessly repeats weasel words and distorted phrases condemning the band, the chief, and adviser Fred Lennarson. The propaganda campaign is matched by rascally initiatives to divide the members, such as the precipitous creation of the Woodland Cree band, and further initiatives now under way to the east. Now the government is using recruited Indian spokesmen to cast doubt and suspicion.

Is this an honest government? I wonder at the patience of the Lubicon people, and I would not be surprised if it runs out.

The only remedy is to get rid of the government and hope another will be better.