Survival International Letter to Canadian High Commission

Lubicon Lake Indian Nation
Little Buffalo Lake, AB
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February 14, 1992

Enclosed for your information is a copy of a letter on the continuing Lubicon tragedy to the Canadian High Commissioner in London, England. The letter was delivered to the Canadian High Commissioner as part of Lubicon Action Week.

January 31, 1992, letter from Survival International, London England, to the Canadian High Commissioner

Your Excellency,

As a worldwide movement working in support of tribal peoples, with consultative status at the UN, ILO and EC, Survival International has been monitoring developments in the land rights campaign of the Lubicon Cree of Alberta. The Lubicon people continue to seek not only Reserve land but compensation for the loss of their hunting and trapping way of life as a result of natural resource extraction carried out contrary to their wishes in their unceded aboriginal territory.

As you know, the United Nations Human Rights Committee called on the Canadian Federal Government to negotiate with the Lubicon Lake Indian Nation in order to find a "remedy" to the Lubicon people's concerns. The Canadian Government, having accepted the Committee's recommendation, then proceeded to make a non-negotiable 'final offer' to the Lubicon Nation early in 1989.

Survival believes that the Lubicon Nation has a right to expect from the Canadian Government a just settlement based on recognition of their aboriginal rights. It is imperative that the forthcoming round of talks between the Lubicon Lake Indian Nation and the Canadian Government be conducted in a spirit of genuine respect for those rights. The Canadian Government must not simply repeat its non-negotiable 'final offer' which it knows to be unacceptable to the Lubicon Nation. These fresh talks must consist of real negotiations and not become a public relations exercise on the part of the Government.

Yours faithfully, Stephen Corry, Director General, Survival International