FOL Toronto Media Release

February 17, 1992


Friends of the Lubicon (Toronto) met today with Marilyn Churley, Minister of Consumer and Commercial Relations, asking the ministry to support the national boycott of Daishowa paper products. The ministry has decided to stop using Daishowa paper products.

The Liquor Control Board of Ontario is the only ministry agency known to be a Daishowa user. The LCBO spokesperson at the meeting, Rowland Dunning, announced that the LCBO will not renew its contract for the Daishowa bag. The replacement for the Daishowa 4 bottle string handled bag will be a cloth bag which liquor store patrons may purchase for $1. The new cloth bag was chosen for its obvious environment benefits. Dunning said that pressure on the part of the Friends of the Lubicon helped to fast track the change through the LCBO.

Marilyn Churley said in the meeting that to her knowledge no other ministry agency was using Daishowa products. Although her ministry will no longer be using Daishowa, Ms. Churley added that she could not issue a statement in support of the boycott as the issue of a boycott was a policy matter. Policy matters are handled by the caucus.

Friends of the Lubicon spokesperson Stephen Kenda feels that regardless of what the ministry says, it's clearly the Daishowa boycott and the sustained pressure of the Lubicon supporters that has pushed the LCBO to dump Daishowa. Kenda added "We are pleased that the LCBO is showing the ethical sense to let its Daishowa contract lapse; it's hard to believe that anyone would want to support the clearcutting of the Lubicon Indian homelands."

The LCBO joins Mr. C's Donuts, Cultures Fresh Foods, Ho-Lee Chow, the Body Shop, NOW Magazine and others who have made the switch away from Daishowa. The LCBO move leaves Pizza Pizza further isolated in its pact with Daishowa. Country Style Donuts, another Daishowa user, is said to be on the verge of joining the boycott and will make its decision soon.

Daishowa is a Japanese transnational paper giant. An international boycott of Daishowa is attempting to stop Daishowa's plans to clearcut unceded Lubicon Lake Indian lands in northern Alberta.

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