Pizza Pizza Joins Daishowa Boycott

Friends of the Lubicon

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March 4, 1992

For Immediate Release


As of today, the Friends of the Lubicon is calling off our boycott campaign of Pizza Pizza. Grassroots pressure from Lubicon Lake Nation supporters has again been successful in cancelling another of Daishowa Canada Co. Ltd.'s contracts. Pizza Pizza has decided to stop using Daishowa paper bags. The Daishowa boycott itself will continue.

The Friends of the Lubicon, a local organization supporting the Lubicon Lake Indian Nation's land rights struggle, has been asking companies to stop using Daishowa products to force the company to abandon its plans to clear cut unceded Lubicon territories in northern Alberta. Of the companies contacted by our group, Pizza Pizza was the only one who had steadfastly refused to cancel their contracts for Daishowa bags.

The concerted boycott effort mounted by Lubicon supporters in Ontario included a postering campaign, leafleting actions in front of Pizza Pizza outlets, and convincing advertising outlets not to carry Pizza Pizza advertising. Pizza Pizza says that while it still doesn't believe Daishowa is doing anything wrong, they say "joining the boycott is the only responsible course of action available" (read: we kicked their butts).

Friends of the Lubicon is expecting a positive response from Country Style Donuts soon. At least four new companies have been contacted by the Friends of the Lubicon and further victories will be announced as they come.

The boycott of Daishowa products will continue until Daishowa makes a clear, public and unequivocal commitment not to cut or to buy wood cut on unceded Lubicon territories until a land rights settlement is reached with both levels of government and a harvesting agreement negotiated that respects Lubicon wildlife and environmental concerns.

The Liquor Control Board of Ontario, Cultures Fresh Foods, Ho-Lee-Chow, Mr. C's Donuts, Knechtel's Wholesale Grocers, Safeway, NOW Magazine, the Body Shop and the YWCA have joined the boycott so far.

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