National Donut Chain Joins Daishowa Boycott

FRIENDS OF THE LUBICON (Toronto) News Release
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For Immediate Release

March 27, 1992


Country Style Donuts, a large donut chain based in Toronto, has decided to join the growing boycott of Daishowa paper products. The boycott of Daishowa products was initiated to force the pulp & paper manufacturer to make a clear, public and unequivocal commitment not to cut or buy wood cut in the unceded traditional territories of the Lubicon Lake Cree Nation until there is a settlement of Lubicon land rights.

The Friends of the Lubicon has asked companies who use Daishowa paper bags to cancel contracts with the company to prevent the massive clear cut logging planned for the Lubicon peoples homelands near Peace River, Alberta. To date, 11 companies including Pizza Pizza, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario, Cultures Fresh Foods, Mr. C's Donuts, Ho-Lee-Chow, Knechtel's Wholesale Grocers and more have joined the boycott. Daishowa has publicly admitted the boycott is hurting them. Friends of the Lubicon are currently negotiating with six more companies concerning their use of Daishowa bags.

Country Style was initially contacted late last year and asked to join the boycott. Since then Peter Mertens, Country Style's Executive Vice President, has exchanged several letters with Daishowa V.P. Tom Hamaoka, asking Hamaoka to make a commitment not to log on Lubicon lands until the land rights are settled. Mr. Hamaoka has refused to make such a commitment.

In a telephone conversation with Kevin Thomas, a Friends of the Lubicon representative, on March 24, Mr. Mertens expressed disappointment that Daishowa was unwilling to give him the commitment he was asking for, leaving him no alternative but to join the boycott.

Friends of the Lubicon sees the Daishowa boycott as an important expression of grassroots support for Aboriginal land rights and an opportunity to put economic weight behind demands for a just settlement of the Lubicon peoples fifty year struggle.

We plan to celebrate Country Style's joining the boycott with a twelve-pack of jellies and black coffee.

For more information please contact Kevin Thomas at (416) 972-6293.


March 26, 1992, letter from Peter A. Mertens, Executive Vice President, Country Style Donuts, to Daishowa Vice President Tom Hamaoka

Dear Mr. Hamaoka:

In my letter of February 7th, 1992, I expressed to you my concern of having Country Style Donuts drawn into this affair.

This situation has now deteriorated and in the absence of a clear statement, which in your letter of February 24, 1992, you decline to make, I have no alternative but to arrange an alternate source of supply.

Subject to any additional information being supplied by you, this change will be effective April 30th, 1992.

Yours very truly,


A Member of Maple Leaf Foods Inc.

Peter A. Mertens

Executive Vice President