Daishowa Boycott List April 3, 1992

Following are companies who have been identified as using Daishowa paper products. For those wanting to support the Lubicon boycott of Daishowa products, if you do business at any of these establishments, it is suggested that you let them know you object to their use of Daishowa products and request that they use an alternate supplier.

Please let the Lubicon office know of any establishments that you identify and ask for a written statement from any establishment agreeing to stop using Daishowa products.

Companies using Daishowa products who have not yet joined the boycott:

Mill Woods Pizza (Edmonton)
Food For Less (Edmonton)
McGavin's Bakery (Alberta)
YWCA -- West end (Edmonton)
Lee Gardens, 317 Woodvale Road, West, Edmonton, 450-8888
College Copy Shop (Edmonton)
Dunn Delicatessan (Ottawa)
Natural Bread Store (Calgary)
Bootlegger (Alberta)
Peter's Drive-In (Calgary)
Company's Coming Bakery/Cafe (Ontario/Alberta)
various Best Western Hotels (National)
Italian Bakery (Victoria, British Columbia)

Companies that have already agreed to stop using Daishowa products include:

Liquor Control Board of Ontario
Calgary Co-Op
Safeway (Alberta)
The Body Shop (National)
Cultures Fresh Food Restaurants (National)
Ho-Lee-Chow Fast Food Restaurants (Ontario)
Knechtels Warehouse Foods (Steinburg -- Ontario)
YWCA (Toronto)
NOW Magazine (Toronto)
Mr. C's Donuts (Toronto)
Pizza Pizza (Ontario)
Country Style Donuts (Toronto head office, national company)
Earth Harvest Co-Op (Calgary)
Bellamere Farm Market (Hamilton, Ontario)
Water Sports (Toronto)

When you shop at these establishments, it would be good to let them know that one of the reasons you continue to shop there is their support of the Daishowa boycott.