Lubicon Settlement Commission Announced

The New Democrats News Release

May 21, 1992


Ray Martin, MLA

Leader of the New Democrat Opposition

Ray Martin, leader of the Official Opposition, today announced a Commission of Review of the negotiations between the federal, provincial and the Lubicon Lake Indians.

"This is an independent, non-partisan Commission that I was asked to organize by the Lubicons," Martin said. "Negotiations on this issue have been stalled since 1989, so it is time to try to break the impasse."

The 11 member Commission will assess the relative merits of the latest proposals on the negotiating table.

"I do not expect this Commission to settle the Lubicon issue," Martin said. "But I do expect the work of the Commission to provide a new start for Negotiations."

Members of the Commission are participating on their own time and with their own resources or the resources of their organizations.


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Ray Martin


(NOTE: this was a separate release by the Commission itself)

May 21, 1992, News Release by the Lubicon Settlement Commission of Review

The Lubicon Settlement Commission of Review met for the first time on May 20, 1992.

"As a group of concerned and interested citizens of Canada, we are looking for a way to bring this problem to an end," Father Jacques Johnson, Provincial Superior of the Missionary Oblates, and co-chair of the Commission, said at a press conference here.

"All members of the Commission have an interest or concern in this situation and are bringing their diverse backgrounds to search for ways to move the negotiating process along," Father Johnson said.

"We are looking for input from all participants in the process so that sufficient good will can be generated to allow meaningful negotiations to resume."

Father Johnson stressed that the commission is independent of any political parties and is not prejudging motives of any of the parties to the negotiations.

"Over the course of the next two months, we hope to inform the public through open hearings with all the parties to the negotiations," Johnson said.

A list of the members of the Commission is attached.


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Father Jacques Johnson


Jennifer Klimek



Whereas negotiations between the federal government and the Lubicon Lake Indians have been stalled without progress since January 1989;

And whereas talks between the Lubicon Lake Indians and the provincial government of Alberta collapsed in June of 1990;

And whereas the public interest requires an independent, objective review of both the federal government proposal and the Lubicon Lake Indian proposal for settlement of Lubicon Lake land rights;

And whereas the federal government's most recent offer of March 1992 has not advanced the negotiations;

And whereas because of the lack of progress Lubicon society continues to deteriorate at an alarming rate;

Now therefore, this Commission of Review that has been convened will have responsibility to investigate, compare, assess and report publicly on:

  1. The federal government's January 1989 offer as modified by the public exchange between federal representatives and Lubicon representatives in September 1989 and further modified by federal proposals presented in March 1992 and any subsequent proposals.
  2. The proposed Lubicon comprehensive draft settlement agreement.
  3. The relative merits of each proposal including the likelihood that each proposal would allow the Lubicons to once again become economically self-sufficient.
  4. Any other matters pertaining to the proposed settlements which the commissioners may deem necessary or relevant in assessing the proposals.

The report of the Commission shall be completed and released before the July 31, 1992.


Jennifer Klimek, co-chair, environmental lawyer, partner in Karoles, Mintz, Majeski, Edmonton. Ms. Klimek has practices law for seven years; prior to this, she nursed for seven years in Alberta and Northwest Territories.

Father Jacques Johnson, o.m.i., co-chair, Provincial Superior of Missionary Oblates, Grandin Province, Edmonton. Missionary among Northern Alberta native peoples, Provincial Superior of 145 missionaries working in Alberta and Northwest Territories.

Wilfred Barranoik, president and general manager Northtown Paint and Wallcoverings Centres, past president Alberta Chamber of Commerce, Edmonton.

Michael Asch, professor of anthropology, University of Alberta. Professor Asch worked on the Dene claim in Northwest Territories and testified before the MacKenzie Valley Pipeline Commission. Author of Home and Native Land. Edmonton.

Regena Crowchild, president, Indian Association of Alberta, member of the Sarcee Nation, resides at Enoch Reserve.

Menno Wiebe, Director: Native Concerns, Mennonite Central Committee (Canada), Winnipeg. Mr. Wiebe is a member of the Aboriginal Rights Council (Project North).

Don Aitken, president, Alberta Federation of Labour, Edmonton.

Normand Boucher, president, Boucher Bros. Lumber Ltd., Nampa. The Boucher Brother's mill has operated for 35 years in the Peace country.

Theresa McBean, petroleum industry consulting engineer, Calgary. Ms. McBean's engineering experience includes 14 years with majors, minors and consulting engineers both domestically and internationally. She is a member of the Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta.

Colleen McCrory, Valhalla Society, New Denver, British Columbia. Ms. McCrory has worked at the grassroots level, organizing and educating the public on conservation issues for 17 years. Recipient of the Governor General's Award, 1983, Equinox Award, 1989, Global 500 Award and the Goldman Environmental Prize (1992), which is awarded to one individual on each continent.

Ms. McCrory is sharing her duties as co-commissioner with:

Sandy Day, owner earthcycle paper corp., co-owner, You Make a Difference Company, High River. Member of advisory board, Canada Trust's "Friends of the Environment Foundation", founding member, Foothills Recycling Society and Recycling Council of Alberta.

John G. MacMillan, President, MacMillan Construction Northern Ltd., Peace River. Mr. MacMillan is a third generation resident of the Peace Country. His company has provided seismic and oilfield construction services for 43 years.