Letter to the Editor of Peace River Record Gazette

Roland Leitner

2716 - 18th Street N.W.

Calgary, Alberta, T2M 3T8



Peace River Record Gazette,

Peace River, Alberta

Calgary, Oct. 4, 1992

Editorial of Aug. 12, 1992: Careful working of the media is the strategy

It is true, as your introduction to the above editorial suggests, that the "Lubicon land claim issue is very different outside the Peace Country than it is here." The difference is because of the contrived and distorted "facts" you so extensively hawk to your readership, rather than with your investigative skills or journalistic integrity.

You say, that "being so close to the source, it is easy for the local media to examine the allegations made and quickly confirm or refute them " as, you claim, "was the case when the so-called bar-room brawl occurred between Fred Lennarson, an Austrian visitor, some Lubicon band members and some Daishowa workers in a local pub." You conclude that "After a short investigation, the real story of what happened was very evident...but that wouldn't be big news in the city, now would it?"

Having been in the "local pub" the night some Daishowa workers wanted to have some fun along with their drinks I read with great interest your editorial of that account. At that time you managed to produce a fairy-tale account more contrived to please the local newspaper buyers and prospective benefactors of a parochial editorial mind. You indeed quickly examined, it obviously became "very evident" what was good for you, and then confirmed or refuted as you saw fit.

This year's second edition of the "so-called bar-room brawl" includes even more fictitious license by, among other hilarious examples of your peculiar mixture of investigative skills and fairy-tale reporting, placing some Lubicon band members at the scene. No Lubicon band members were ever present the evening of the "so-called bar-room brawl", not even in your first fairy-tale edition of Aug. 29, 1990.

Move over, Brothers Grimm!

cc: Chief Bernard Ominayak

Mr. Fred Lennarson

Dr. Peter Schwarzbauer

Mr. Oswald Iten