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November 20, 1992

Enclosed for your information is a copy of a letter on the continuing boycott of Daishowa paper products. It's written in a way which also serves to up-date the mailing list on boycott activities and targets.

November 18, 1992, letter from Friends of the Lubicon (Toronto) to Don Shafer, President, Company's Coming Bakery Cafe, 440 - 1121 Centre Street North, Calgary, AB T2E 2R1

Dear Mr. Shafer:

We are writing to you in support of the Lubicon Lake Cree Nation, whose traditional territory is under threat of clear-cutting by Daishowa Canada. We have been monitoring the negotiations between you and the Daishowa Boycott Coalition in Calgary. In view of your refusal to support the Daishowa boycott and switch to another paper supplier, we would like to inform you of our decision to join the boycott campaign against you. We will be boycotting your outlets in the Toronto area, and mobilizing Daishowa support groups throughout Ontario.

The Daishowa Boycott Coalition in Calgary has already made you aware of the threat that Daishowa's plans to clear-cut unceded Lubicon territory poses to the survival of the Lubicon lake Nation. It is the position of the Friends of the Lubicon (Toronto) to maintain a public boycott campaign of Daishowa products until Daishowa as made a clear, unequivocal and public commitment not to cut or purchase any wood cut on unceded Lubicon territory until after a settlement of Lubicon land rights and the negotiation of a harvesting agreement with the Lubicon people. As part of this campaign we will also be boycotting companies such as Company's Coming, who purchase Daishowa products, without regard for the consequences for the Lubicon Cree.

The Friends of the Lubicon (Toronto) draws upon a network of community, aboriginal, church, labour, human rights, and other organizations in the Toronto area. We have strong links with groups throughout Ontario, as well as other provinces. Thanks to this widespread support, we have already been successful in persuading 18 businesses representing over 2,600 outlets across the country, to join the boycott and change paper suppliers. These companies include Kentucky Fried Chicken, A&W, and Country Style Donuts. Last winter we waged a successful boycott campaign against Pizza Pizza. After three months of public pressure through letter-writing and phoning, postering, and a series of simultaneous demonstrations in front of numerous outlets across Ontario, Pizza Pizza finally agreed to stop using Daishowa products and switch to another supplier. The Pizza Pizza boycott campaign, which received a good deal of media attention, also did a lot to raise concern about Daishowa's activities among a Canadian public increasingly supportive of Native rights.

Company's Coming is already under pressure in Alberta from the Daishowa Boycott Coalition. Surely it is not worth going through the public ordeal of a nation-wide boycott for the sake of a few paper products. You can find other suppliers. There is no reason for you to continue using Daishowa products, tainted with genocide.

The planned clear-cutting of unceded aboriginal land and the subsequent genocide of an entire aboriginal culture is a crime against humanity. The environmental devastation caused by large scale clear-cutting is a threat to the future of all of us, and the future of our children. It is incomprehensible to us why Company's Coming would want to associate itself with a company that would be responsible for such acts. Company's Coming is among those companies that, as Daishowa clients, are in a position to force Daishowa to cancel its plans to clear-cut Lubicon land by cancelling paper contracts with them. You have a moral choice to make. Break your ties with a company that would carry out such destruction.

We will continue the boycott of Company's Coming Bakery Cafe outlets until we have your commitment to stop using Daishowa products.


Sara McDowell

Friends of the Lubicon (Toronto)