NOTICE to European Lubicon Support Groups Regarding Dan Goodleaf

Lubicon Lake Indian Nation
Little Buffalo Lake, AB
Fax: 403-629-3939

Mailing address:
3536 - 106 Street
Edmonton, AB T6J 1A4
Fax: 403-437-0719

February 18, 1992


The Lubicon Nation is advised that Dan Goodleaf, Deputy Minister of the Canadian Federal Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, will be travelling in Europe during the months of March and April, 1993, supposedly "to better inform European decision-makers, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO's) and the general public about the relationship between the Canadian Government and Canada's aboriginal peoples".

While it's true that Mr. Goodleaf is an aboriginal person, a Mohawk, be advised that he does not speak for or on behalf of any of the aboriginal peoples of Canada. Rather he speaks for and on behalf of the Mulroney Federal Government -- which has gone to great lengths to undermine, subvert and deny the aboriginal people of Canada their rights -- and Mr. Goodleaf can be expected to follow a straight Canadian Government propaganda line regarding "the relationship between the Canadian Government and Canada's aboriginal people".

Europeans interested in learning more about the plight of aboriginal people in Canada are therefore urged to communicate directly with Canadian aboriginal leaders. There are organizations in most European countries which can facilitate the establishment of such direct communication. A list of concerned organizations in your area with the names, addresses and phone numbers of related contact people is attached.


Chief Bernard Ominayak

Lubicon Lake Indian Nation


Ovide Mercredi
Regina Crowchild
Matthew Coon Come
Ken Deer
Don Ryan
Phil Fontaine
Ernest Sundown
Al Lameman
Stuart Cameron

Transcript of CBC Radio News Broadcast (5:30 P.M.) Wednesday, February 10, 1993

Krysia Jarmicka, CBC News

The Lubicon Cree Indians of northern Alberta are critical of plans to send a senior federal civil servant to Europe this Spring.

Dan Goodleaf, the Deputy Minister of Indian Affairs, plans to meet with European politicians, the general public and Native support groups.

CBC Radio News has obtained a copy of a letter from the Canadian Embassy in Copenhagen. The letter was addressed to the head of a Native support group in Copenhagen. According to the letter, Goodleaf will try to "better inform" Europeans about the relationship between the Canadian Government and the Aboriginal peoples -- including the Lubicons. The letter describes Goodleaf as the first Canadian Aboriginal to be appointed Deputy Minister of Indian Affairs.

Fred Lennarson, a Lubicon advisor, says it's strange that a supposedly non-political civil servant is travelling to Europe to deal with political issues.

Indian Affairs says Goodleaf plans to travel to Western Europe and Russia. A Department spokesman says the focus of the trip is Canadian- Russian cooperation in the North.