Open Letter To PM Mulroney

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February 23, 1993

Attached for your information is a copy of an open letter to Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney regarding the continuing Lubicon tragedy.

February 01, 1993, Windspeaker, letter to the Editor from Ontario resident Stephen Kenda

An open letter to Brian Mulroney:

I don't think you could fool someone in Grade 4 with Mr. Siddon's statement that the alleged $73 million federal/provincial offer to the Lubicons is "fair and generous". Using the government's $10.5 million valuation of the 246-square-kilometre proposed reserve, the 10,000 square kilometres of Lubicon land would be worth well over $425 million. The Lubicons ask $167 million.

The alleged offer has been publicly exposed to be worth less than Canada's clearly unacceptable 1989 take-it-or-leave-it offer.

Public relations games are not a substitute for a fair offer. If this government can't see the difference, hopefully the next one will.

Yours truly, Stephen Kenda

P.S. The government claims that "Canada's 1989 offer was an appropriate remedy". This is not what the United Nations Human Rights Committee wrote. Significantly, the UN did write that "Recent developments threaten the way of life and culture of the Lubicon Lake Band and constitute a violation of Article 27 so long as they continue."