Friends of the Lubicon-Toronto Media Release


July 16, 1993


Friends of the Lubicon (FOL) will be holding a rally at the Woolworth outlet at the Intersection of Bathurst and Bloor Saturday, July 17, 1993.

A solidarity rally will also be held in Calgary at 11 am Calgary time to spread the boycott to the West.

FOL has called for a boycott on all stores owned by Woolworth Canada, Inc. to protest that company's use of paper bags manufactured by the transnational paper company Daishowa-Marubeni Ltd. The boycott was launched at a press conference on June 23, 1993, attended by the Chiefs of Ontario and the National Association of Japanese Canadians.

Over 26 other companies, representing over 2,700 retail outlets, have now joined the boycott of Daishowa paper products to protest that company's plans to clear-cut almost the entire unceded territories of the Lubicon Lake Cree Nation in northern Alberta. The Lubicon community has been devastated by oil and gas development over the last 15 years and sees clear-cut logging as the final blow to their once self-sufficient society. The boycott has been successful in keeping Daishowa off Lubicon lands for two consecutive logging seasons.

Despite months of attempted negotiations, Woolworth Canada Inc. has remained obstinate in its refusal to consider choosing another supplier for its paper bags. As past campaigns -- such as our successful three-month boycott against Pizza Pizza -- have shown, the economic impact of presenting such an issue to a company's consumers has proven effective in convincing that company to find another alternative. We hope that Woolworth Canada Inc. will listen to the rest of the buying public even if they are unwilling to listen to the concerns of First Nations here in Canada.

Stores which are subject to the boycott campaign include:

Kinney Canada


Northern Reflections

Northern Traditions

Northern Getaway



Lady Footlocker

Champs Sports

Randy River





Canary Island


Willow Ridge

Silk and Satin

The Best of Times

For more information please contact:

Friends of the Lubicon (Toronto) 416-783-4694


Rosemary Brown, Calgary Daishowa Boycott Coalition at 403-282-7283