Holt Renfrew Joins Daishowa Boycott




To avert a major storefront demonstration, Holt Renfrew Canada has joined the boycott of Daishowa-Marubeni International (DMI) paper products. The boycott protests DMI's plans to clear-cut the unceded territories of the Lubicon Lake Cree Nation of northern Alberta. 45 companies with over 4,300 retail outlets have decided by now not to buy DMI, including A&W, KFC, and The Body Shop.

In an April 24th fax to the Toronto based Lubicon support group Friends of the Lubicon, Lynn Jolliffe, a Holt Renfrew Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, stated that "Holt Renfrew has advised Rosenbloom (their paper bag supplier) that it will require its bags in the future to be assembled by a company other than Daishowa".

The fax was received shortly after Friends of the Lubicon announced a protest rally targeting Holt's prestigious Toronto flagship store. In light of Holt's decision, Lubicon supporters have cancelled the April 30th picket.

But the Lubicon battle with DMI continues. The Lubicon have been fighting for a land rights settlement for over 50 years. Already reeling from the devastating effects of massive oil and gas exploitation on their unceded traditional territory, the Lubicon see clearcut logging as a death warrant for their small, besieged community.

In November 1991, Friends of the Lubicon launched a Canada-wide boycott of Daishowa paper products joining Daishowa boycotters in Europe, Asia and Australia. The purpose is to pressure DMI to make a clear, unequivocal and public commitment not to log or buy wood cut on unceded Lubicon land until a land rights settlement is concluded and a timber harvesting agreement, respecting Lubicon wildlife and environmental concerns, is negotiated. Since `91, Daishowa has been forced to abort logging plans for Lubicon land three years in a row due to public pressure from companies like Holt Renfrew making the decision to drop Daishowa and so support the Lubicon fight for their land rights.

For more information, please call

Stephen Kenda of Friends of the Lubicon at (416) 763-7490