Lubicon: Urgent Action Appeal



(Posted by Lorraine Land, The Aboriginal Rights Coalition (Project North)

February 25, 1995

Your immediate action is needed to respond to several critical developments yesterday in the struggle of the Lubicon Cree of Alberta.

The Lubicon have been waiting for a land rights settlement since 1939 when they were first promised a reserve. Their struggle has become more public since the 1980s as oil and, more recently, the threat of large-scale logging activity intensified on their traditional lands despite the lack of a land rights settlement, and often without their consent. For five years, the Lubicon territory has been threatened by Daishowa, a transnational corporation to whom the Alberta government has sold the rights to the timber from a huge 12 000 square mile area which blankets the 4 000 square mile traditional Lubicon territory. Very intense oil development in the 1970s and 1980s also posed a threat to Lubicon land. In 1994, Unocal Canada built a sour gas plant on Lubicon land next to the site where the community will live when the land rights case is settled. In late 1994, the Alberta Environmental Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) held hearings to determine if this sour gas plant should be allowed to operate, as the Lubicon had not given permission for its construction and operation on their lands. Three major announcements in the past four days will dramatically affect the future of the Lubicon struggle for a just settlement:

The land rights of the Lubicon Cree, and the very survival of their community, are seriously threatened by these sudden developments. Each one of these situations by itself seriously undermines Lubicon efforts to attain a just land rights settlement and control development which affects their society. Together, their impact is devastating.


What You Can Do


Express your dismay over the lack of consultation with the Lubicon prior to the appointment of a new federal negotiator to settle the Lubicon land rights case. Raise questions about the "bias" of House of Commons this supposedly neutral negotiator. Ask what the federal government will do about the ERCB rulings, which are a serious deterrent to a just land rights settlement for the Lubicon.

Hon. Ron Irwin

Minister of Indian Affairs

Ottawa ON K1A 0A6

Tel: 613/992-6418

Fax: 613/992-6410

Ask the Alberta government to support a moratorium on all

development on unceded Lubicon territory until the land rights are settled, or unless there is approval from the Lubicon for the development happening on their land. Ask the Alberta government not to accept the ERCB rulings.

Premier Ralph Klein

Legislative Building Room #307

10800 - 97 Ave

Edmonton AB T5K 2B6

Tel: 403/427-7243

Fax: 403/427-1349

Express your dismay at their decisions to proceed with development on unceded Lubicon land despite Lubicon opposition. Indicate your concern that they act as good corporate citizens. Remind Unocal and Daishowa that just because their projects are legally permissible does not mean they are morally or ethically responsible if the result is the destruction of Lubicon society.

Mr. Fritz Perschon, Jr., President

Unocal Canada Management Ltd.

150 - 6th Avenue SW, Box 999

Calgary AB T2P 2K6

Tel: 403/268-0176

Fax: 403/268-0153

Mr. Tom Hamaoka, President

Daishowa Canada Co. Ltd.

3500 Park Place, 666 Burrard St.

Vancouver BC V6C 2X8

Tel: 604/689-1919

Fax: 604/689-2853