Lubicon Boycott of Daishowa Products Continues

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June 2, 1995

Friends of the Lubicon Toronto launched a national boycott of Daishowa products on November 28, 1991. To date the following organizations support the boycott:


The Assembly of First Nations

The Native Women's Association of Canada

The National Association of Japanese Canadians

Chiefs of Ontario

Indian Association of Alberta

Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs

The Action Canada Network

The David Suzuki Foundation

Chinese Canadian National Council

United Farmworkers of America

The Native Canadian Centre of Toronto

The Canadian Alliance in Solidarity with Native People (CASNP) Leonard Peltier Canadian Defense Committee

Aboriginal Urban Alliance

The Toronto Branch of the United Nations Human Rights Committee Greenpeace

Environment Probe

Western Canada Wilderness Committee

Valhalla Society

Alberta Environmental Alliance

Calgary Labour Council

Calgary Rainforest Action Group

Calgary Committee Against Racism

Missionary Oblates

Northern Lights (Calgary)

Ottawa-Carleton OPIRG

Indigenous Peoples International (Montreal)

The Turtle Island Support Group

Toronto Environmental Alliance

Toronto Tools for Peace

Toronto Socialist Feminist Action

Hospital for Sick Children's Multicultural Initiative Committee Environmental Concerns Group - Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto)

The University of Toronto Student Christian Movement

ANC - Mandela Support Coalition

ACT for Disarmament

The El Salvador Information Office

The Unit on Public Responsibility of the Anglican Church of Canada Christian Resource - Self Help

The Jewish Women's Committee Against the Occupation of the Gaza and the West Strip


The Wilderness Action Group (Australia)

The Working Circle for North American Indians (AKIN) (Austria) The Austrian Society for Endangered Peoples

Co-ordinated Indigenous Affairs Working Group (KWIA) (Belgium) Catholic Action for Native Americans (Britain)

Survival for Tribal Peoples (Britain)

The German Green Party

Greenpeace (Germany)

The Association for the Support of North American Indians (Germany) BUND (Germany)

The Society for Endangered Peoples (Germany)

The Big Mountain Action Group (Germany - BMAG is co-ordinating Lubicon support in Europe, involving organizations in countries such as France, England, Luxembourg, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Poland and Czechoslovakia)

The Munich Society for Endangered Peoples (Germany)

The Institute for Applied Ecology, Action and Anthropology (INFOE) (Germany)

Friends of the Earth Japan

The Japan Tropical Forest Network (JATAN)

The National Christian Council in Japan (NCC-J)

Iwerliewen (Luxembourg)

Incomindios (Switzerland)

Native Forest Network (Montana USA)

Following is a list of companies participating in the boycott of Daishowa products. When you shop at these establishments, it would be good to let them know that one of the reasons you continue to shop there is their support of the Daishowa boycott.

Liquor Control Board of Ontario

Calgary Co-Op

Safeway (Alberta)

The Body Shop (National)

Cultures Fresh Food Restaurants (National)

Ho-Lee-Chow Fast Food Restaurants (Ontario)

Knechtels Warehouse Foods (Steinburg -- Ontario)

YWCA (Toronto)

NOW Magazine (Toronto)

Mr. C's Donuts (Toronto)

Pizza Pizza (Ontario)

Country Style Donuts (Toronto head office, national company) Earth Harvest Co=A9Op (Calgary)

Bellamere Farm Market (Hamilton, Ontario)

The Water Sports Store Ltd. (Toronto)

Bootlegger (National)

A&W Restaurants (National)

Cowboy Chuck's (Toronto)

Kentucky Fried Chicken (National)

The Added Touch (Ontario)

Cumberland Terrace (Toronto)

Maison Du Fromage (Toronto)

The Hudson's Bay Centre Merchants' Association (Ontario -- Bramalea Corporation)

Hospital For Sick Children (Toronto)

Cruickshank's Inc. (Toronto)

Bowring (National) (including the Canadianna Shoppe)

Woolworth Canada Inc. (which owns and operates Kinney Canada, Woolworth, Northern Reflections, Northern Traditions, Northern Getaway, Lady Footlocker, Casuals, Footlocker, Champs Sports, Randy River, Ashbrooks, Reflexions, Woolco, Karuba, Canary Island, Fredelle, Willow Ridge, Silk and Satin, The Best of Times)

Roots (National)

Club Monaco

Holt Renfrew (National)

The Canadian Naturalist

Aquascutum Canada Inc.

Absolutely Diapers

SoapBerry Shop (National)

Following are companies that Daishowa claims have refused to entertain their efforts to supply packaging products because of the boycott:

McDonald's Restaurants (National)

Eaton's (National)

Hudson's Bay Company (National)

CR Graphics (Ontario)

Following are companies who have been identified as using Daishowa paper products and have still not agreed to participate in the boycott. For those wanting to support the Lubicon boycott of Daishowa products, if you do business at any of these establishments, it is suggested that you let them know you object to their continued use of Daishowa products and request that they use an alternate supplier.

Mill Woods Pizza (Edmonton)

Food For Less (Edmonton) (owned by Safeway)

McGavin's Bakery (Alberta)

YWCA -- West end (Edmonton)

Lee Gardens, 317 Woodvale Road, West, Edmonton, 450-8888

College Copy Shop (Edmonton)

Natural Bread Store (Calgary)

Peter's Drive-In (Calgary)

Company's Coming Bakery/Cafe (Ontario/Alberta)

various Best Western Hotels (National)

Italian Bakery (Victoria, British Columbia)

Sunnyside Nursery (Calgary)

University of Calgary Bookstore

Inns of Banff Park hotel (purchasing agent Ms. Ledger)

Riders' Habit (Toronto)

Ronald's Printers (Ed. Tel phone books)

Rapid Paper (Edmonton)

Please let the Lubicon office know of any establishments that you identify and ask for a written statement from any establishment agreeing to stop using Daishowa products.