Picket Montreal Daishowa office in support of Lubicon (23 Jan.)

Thursday 23 January, 10 am

Picket of Daishowa sales office in Montreal

Daishowa holds the logging rights over Lubicon Cree territory. We are encouraging Daishowa to make a commitment not to cut any trees on Lubicon Cree land until a satisfactory land rights settlement has been made between the Crees and the federal and Alberta governments. We are also asking them to drop their SLAP suit against the Ontario Friends of the Lubicon and their boycott campaign.

Meet at 1710 Beaudry Street (Beaudry metro) to catch the bus out to the site; bus will bring you back downtown by 12:30.

Thursday 23 January, 7 pm

Maria Campbell, writer and representative of the Lubicon Crees, will talk about the situation faced by the Crees of Lubicon Lake.

Universite du Quebec a Montreal, room A1760 (Berri metro).

for more information: Amitie Lubicons-Quebec, tel 844 0484