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Wikipedia: Cree language.

Wikipedia: Encyclopedia in Cree.

Native Languages Page by Lisa Mitten.

The Human-Languages Page is a collection of human-language resources on the Net, from tutorials to dictionaries to software to literature collections.

Less Commonly Taught Languages

Joint Language Training Center Collection of links to various web resources for languages.

Obi Systems Inc. First Nations Language Lessons.

Yamada Language Guides has links to a number of different languages, including Cree.
They also have a Cree TrueType font. [Macintosh only]

Cree and Ojibwe truetype fonts from MasKwachees Cultural College
"As Syllabics are regarded here as a gift from the Creator (NOT from Peck or Evans!) the College Elders have made it very clear that these fonts must be used with respect and cannot be bought or sold. If you have a need for a Cree Syllabics font, please keep the wishes of our Elders in mind."


Sasakatchewan Indian Federated College (SIFC)

First Nations Confederacy of Cultural Education Centres BBS (telnet)


The Native Book Centre. An online native books store.

Lone Wolf Multimedia Inc. is a company that does short run publishing for educational institutions as well as multimedia (e.g. talking books). Work has been done in Cree, Dene, and Saulteaux. They do work for students and educators. Contact: Robert Harold Shukin

Recover of Sacred Objects

American Indian Ritual Object Repatriation Foundation


Lubicon Supporters

Arctic Circle: Peoples and environment of the Arctic and Subarctic region. Has 3 interrelated themes: natural resources; history and culture; social equity and environmental justice. Includes a Cree photo exhibit.

Net Info

Index of Native American Resources on the Internet



Aboriginal Programs and Services: Calgary

Schoolnet: First Peoples

First Nations -- Cree, Metis, Anishinaabeg, Mohawk, Innu

Treaty 7 Tribal Council

NativeTech--Native American Technology. Emphasizes the Eastern Woodlands region.

The Selkirk Healing Centre is a non-profit, long-term, substance abuse treatment center.

Native American Resources page

OTA's Native American Resource

The Center For World Indigenous Studies and the Fourth World Documentation Project are now available via the World Wide Web.

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