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These are written works (books, magazines, articles,...) and other resources (videos, audio tapes,...) that relate to the Cree. They may or may not be of interest or useful.

Language Studies

Freda Ahenakew. Cree Language Structures : A Cree Approach 1987.

Fr. Gérard Beaudet, O.M.I. Cree - English / English - Cree Dictionary. / Nehiyawe Mina Akayasimo- / Akayasimo Mina Nehiyawe- Ayamiwini-Masinahigan. Wuerz Publishing Ltd. Winnipeg, Canada. ISBN 0-920063-17-9. 1995.
497.3 B373

Leonard Bloomfield. Cree-English Lexicon (Language and Literature Series, Native American Linguistics, Ii) 1984.

Leonard Bloomfield. Plains Cree Texts. 1934.

Ellis, Clarence Douglas. Spoken Cree: West Coast of James Bay. Pica Pica Press. (Textbook division of The University of Alberta Press). Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. ISBN 0-88864-044-7. 1983. PM 987.E44 1983 - 497'.3 - C83-091405-6

Marguerite MacKenzie, et. al. editors. Cree Lexicon: Eastern James Bay Dialects. / Iinuu Ayimuun Masinahiikan: Waapanuutaaheh Chemis Pei Eishi Ayiminaanuuhch. Cree School Board. ISBN 0-920245-80-3. 1987.

H. Christoph Wolfart and Janet F. Carroll. Meet Cree: A Practical Guide to the Cree Language. The University of Alberta Press. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. ISBN 0-88864-006-4. 1973.


Freda Ahenakew and H.C. Wolfart eds. and trans. ko'hkominawak ota'cimowiniwa'wa - Our grandmothers' lives, as told in their own words. Fifth House Publishers. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. ISBN 0-920079-81-4. 1992.
E99.C88K65 1991 - 306/.089/973 - C91-097188-9
"a collection of reminiscences and personal stories that tell us about the daily lives of Cree women over the past century... Recorded in their own language, these women speak with warmth and humour about their memories and their reflections on how people live today... The stories are prosented in the original Cree [english lettering], with English translations on facing pages for easy comparison, and also in Cree sylabics."

Leonard Bloomfield. Sacred Stories of the Sweet Grass Cree. Fifth House Publishers. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. ISBN 1-895618-27-4. 1993. (originally published in 1930)
E99.C88B65 1993 - 398.2'089'97 - C93-098110-3
"...first published in 1930,... These stories concern the time when the earth was not in its present definitive state, and tell of the origins of the world, its people, and the creatures that eventually took the shape of present-day animals...
"In 1925... a linguistics professor at Yale University, spent five weeks on the Sweet Grass Reserve near Battleford, Saskatchewan recording stories told to him by members of the tribe... The stories, dictated to Bloomfield in Cree, are presented in the book in the original Cree [english lettering] and in English translations."

Robert A. Brightman. Acaoohkiwina and Acimowina: traditional narratives of the Rock Cree Indians. (Mercury Series/Canadian Ethnology Service Paper 113) Canadian Museum of Civilization. Hull, Quebec. 1989.
[Recommended by Nicole Stuckenberger.] Order

C. Douglas Ellis. Cree legends and narratives: from the west coast of James Bay.

Culture, Society and Politics

Robert A. Brightman. Grateful Prey: Rock Cree animal-human relationships. University of California Press. Berkeley, California. 1993.
[Recommended by Nicole Stuckenberger.] Order

Brown, Jennifer & Brightman, R. The Orders of the Dreamed: George Nelson on Cree and Northern Ojibwa religion and myth, 1823. The University of Manitoba Press. Winnipeg, Manitoba. 1990.
[Recommended by Nicole Stuckenberger.] Order

Dale R. Russel. Eighteenth-Century Western Cree and their Neighbours. (Archeological Survey of Canada, Mercury Series Paper 143) Canadian Museum of Civilization. Hull, Quebec. 1991.
[Recommended by Nicole Stuckenberger.]

Maria Campbell. Half Breed.

John Goddard. Last Stand of the Lubicon Cree. Douglas & McIntyre Ltd. Vancouver, B.C. ISBN 0-88894-716-X. 1991.
E78.A34G63 1991 - 323.1'1973 - C91-091491-5
"This book chronicles a small northern Alberta band's efforts to assert land rights in a traditional territory rich in natural resources. By tracing one people's quest to evolve as a self-reliant aobriginal society, author John Goddard reveals the extremes to which provincial and federal governments are prepared to go to crush native rights."
[Recommended by Grant Neufeld.] Order

Boyce Richardson. Hunters of Mistassini. [film]
Documentary about the Cree.

Boyce Richardson. Job's Garden. [film]
Documentary about the Cree.

Boyce Richardson. Strangers Devour the Land. 1975, 1991.
The James Bay Hydro project and how it affected the James Bay Cree.

Peter Sindell. Some Discontinuities in the Enculturation of Mistassini Cree Children in the monograph Conflict in Culture: Problems of Developmental Change among the Cree. ed. N. Chance. Canadian Research Centre for Anthropology, St. Paul Univeristy, Ottawa. 1968. [article]

Sarah Whitecalf, et al. The Cree Language Is Our Identity : The LA Ronge Lectures of Sarah Whitecalf / Kinehiyawiwininaw Nehiyawewin. 1993

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