Cree Word of the Day

by James Wastesacoot

Asay nitukoosinin

"Asay nitukoosinin." Truncate this in conversational Cree to: Asay N'tukoosinin with emphasis on the "n'tuk". Literally it means "now I am arrived."

"Toronto, nikeentohtan", or n'keetohtan with emphasis on the "N'kee" meaning: I went to Toronto.

"Nikeentohtawawak okimawak kamamawahpichik unteh, - AFN Assembly - kaychikatek" emphasis on the "chik" Literally, "I went to listen to the Chiefs who were meeting there, AFN Assembly, it is called."


Today is it sunny here in Winnipeg.
Waseskaw - with the emphasis on the kaw, means it is sunny.

Tapwe sa waseskaw.
It is very sunny.
Tapwe kische kimonwan.
Is it ever raining hard.


to be satisfied. accent on the "hen" pronounced like the name "Ken".
be satisfied (command).
they are satisfied.
Kinahenten nah?
are you satisfied?

You could say this is one of the values of Cree people. Be satisfied with what you have. Don't wish for anymore, or be so materialistic.


Tansi, which means "Hi, or how are you?" Literally, how is it? Usually answered with "Mon nantow" which means "fine" literally Mon is a truncated word which is shortened from Mwatch meaning No or not. So, literally, it means "nothing is wrong".

Kena ma? which means "and you?" The ma part is shortened in normal conversation from Maka, which means "but" or "then." If I just spoke to you yesterday and you called me today with the greeting "tansi", I might respond, "payagwun," meaning "the same".

Mwatch nantow or mon nantow (latter is preferred)
Kena maka or kena ma? (latter is preferred)
kena ma?

mino keesikaw

Today's word is mino keesikaw which means. It's a beautiful day! Mino is an adjective which means "good" or "nice", handsome, beautiful depending on the noun.

it look nice.
he's handsome.
he's fortunate.
mino tiyew
a person has a nice butt.
he or she is happy.


tanehki etikweh?
Why indeed?
niminenten e-kii-emischikeyan ki-email.
I enjoyed reading your email.
okosi etikweh ke-ki-masinahikeyan kihtwam eh-wi-issitisahaman email.
Perhaps this is the way I will write my email when I send it again.
Kische-waskahikenihk n'tosh chin.
I am from York Factory.

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