File Type Info

Written by Grant Neufeld
for InfoDesign Corporation


Info-Mac Archives:

File Type Info is a tiny application for getting the creator and file type information from Macintosh files and applications. It can have multiple windows open, displaying different files' types. Both copy and dragging (if the Drag Manager is present) are available to copy the information to other applications. Modification of types is not supported in this version.

Every Macintosh file and application has two special 'codes' or 'signatures' attached to it, called creator or file types (and known to programmers as OSTypes). These type identifiers consist of exactly 4 characters each.

The creator type identifies the 'owner' (usually an application) of the file. The "file type" identifies the type of file (IE. 'TEXT', 'PICT').

There is no charge for this software. It may be freely distributed so long as it is not altered, all copyright notices remain intact, and the documentation accompanies it.

This program was built using "Grant's CGI Framework."

Copyright ©1995 InfoDesign Corporation (Now a part of OpenText corporation)
Portions ©1995 Grant Neufeld