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News and Announcements

Thursday, January 8, 1998

There is a new name for the server hosting the Mac WWW FAQ. is my own domain and I am moving all of my services to it. So, please update all references to the Mac WWW FAQ to point to:

Wednesday, October 29, 1997

For those of you supporting Style Sheets, you will notice that the FAQ has various highlights throughout its contents. Here's a legend of what those highlights mean:

The new or updated items are usually marked for a couple weeks to a month. The recommended tools are those I've personally used and found to be quite useful. (of course, I recommend some of the tools I've made ;-)

Sponsorship & Advertising

I'm now taking on sponsorships and advertising. This will not affect the content or bias of the FAQ, if I can help it.

The changes I'm looking at are as follows:

Thursday, September 25, 1997

I've changed the Mac WWW FAQ to take advantage of Cascading Style Sheets. I've removed the navigation button graphics - instead relying on style sheet effects. If you have a CSS1 enabled browser, you'll get a (hopefully) nicer looking presentation of the information here. Everyone else will still get all the information in a clean and orderly fashion.

As with any new browser technology, I've used style sheets here to enhance the information without compromising the access of those not using the latest graphical browsers. It's extra effort - but well worth it.

...see the announcements section for older announcements

This is a continually "in progress" set of documents. Due to the constantly changing shape of the World Wide Web and the related technology, not all of the information here will be correct and up to date.

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