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CapsBeep modifies the behavior of the caps lock key.

There are currently two primary functions of CapsBeep:

Caps Lock Beep

The Caps Lock Beep function was written for my "silent partner" who was getting annoyed with accidentally hitting caps lock when he was trying to press the tab key (newer Apple keyboards don't have the distinct click when pressing caps lock that the old ones did).

When it is on, Caps Lock Beep will cause a beep to sound after the caps lock has been pressed. The beep will not sound until the first key press after the caps lock change (so, if you press caps lock twice in a row, no beep will sound).

The "Only on Caps Lock Down" option allows you to specify whether the beep occurs whenever Caps Lock is pressed, or only when it is activated (changed to the 'down' state).

You can choose between 1 and 3 beeps (or turn it off altogether).

Reverse Shift

When caps lock is on, holding down the shift key will produce lower-case characters (reversing the normal caps lock upper-case characters).


Requires a Macintosh with a 68020 or later processor (including PowerPC) - pretty much any Mac except the old Classics, SE, Portable, and PowerBook 100.
If you are still running on a 68000, please send a note to to request the special edition to try with your system.

Works with Macintosh System 7 (recommend 7.6 or later) and Mac OS 8 (the control panel is Appearance Manager savvy). It may work with System 6, but this has not been tested (please let me know if you have success or problems with System 6).

CapsBeep works with most non-US keyboards. Please let us know if you encounter any problems with non-US keyboards, or other software configurations.


  1. Put the "CapsBeep" control panel into your "Control Panels" folder (this can be done by dragging "CapsBeep" onto your System Folder).

  2. Open the "CapsBeep" control panel (in your "Control Panels" folder) and choose the settings you want. Balloon Help is available for all of the options.

  3. Restart your computer.

Once installed, you can change your settings on the fly, with the exception that if CapsBeep was off the last time you re/started your computer, it will not be able to be turned on without a restart (you can still change the settings and set it on, and then restart your computer to activate it).

(If, for some unimaginable reason, you want to remove CapsBeep from your system, you just need to drag the CapsBeep control panel to the trash. CapsBeep does not create a preference or any other files.)


CapsBeep is made available for download as trial software for you to evaluate prior to purchase. The first time the software is run, it will generate an internal key which will give you a 15 day trial period. If you have not registered when the trial period has expired, a notification window will appear to inform you that the trial period is over, and that it is time for you to now register or remove the software.

Currently you can download CapsBeep from this server at:

It should be available from other Macintosh software archives in the near future.


Since CapsBeep is now free, no registration is required.

Many thanks to those who supported my initial development work on CapsBeep by registering!

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Beep doesn't sound

Some non-Apple keyboards may not work with CapsBeep.
If you have a non-Apple keyboard and CapsBeep is not working on your system, please contact and tell me the manufacturer and model of your keyboard.

Some keyboard layouts may not work with CapsBeep.
If you are using a non-U.S. keyboard layout (as provided through the "Keyboard" control panel) try temporarily switching to the "U.S." layout. If CapsBeep works with the "U.S." keyboard layout, but not with the one you normally use, please contact and tell me which keyboard layout you are using and which version of the Mac OS.

CapsBeep relies on the System Alert.
Ensure that the "System Alert Volume" is on (set the volume in the "Alerts" section of the "Monitors & Sound" control panel, or in the "Alert Sounds" section of the "Sound" control panel). Do you hear the alert sound when you select it in "Monitors & Sound"? If not, your computer speaker volume might be muted (found in the "Sound" section of "Monitors & Sound", or the "Volumes" section of the "Sound" control panel).

CapsBeep must be properly installed.
The "CapsBeep" control panel must be placed in the "Control Panels" folder of the active system folder, and the computer must subsequently be rebooted in order for the CapsBeep functionality to be activated.

CapsBeep sounds on the first normal key, not immediately on the Caps Lock key.
The beep(s) from the "Caps Lock Beep" feature will not sound until the first regular key (such as a letter key) pressed following a change in the state of the Caps Lock key. Additionally, both the "On" and "Caps Lock Beep:" buttons must be selected in the "CapsBeep" control panel in order for the caps lock beeping to occur.

Known Problems

The FoxPro database application from Microsoft overrides the keyboard handling of the Macintosh operating system, preventing CapsBeep from working. There will not be a fix for this (unless FoxPro is made into a more cooperative application).

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