No Mail

by Grant Neufeld

Current Version: 1.0 - December 1, 1997

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About No Mail

No Mail is a free Macintosh web server add-on which provides the bare-minimum SMTP requirement for internet hosts by implementing the "521 host does not accept mail" response (RFC 1846).

It is intended for servers which are not running any SMTP services.


A PowerPC Macintosh web server that supports the WebSTAR API (W*API) version 1.2 (specifically, TCP Listens).

No Mail uses up to about 128k of the server's memory to work in when handling SMTP requests.

Installing No Mail

That's it. No configuration is required.

Support and Developer Contact

Support is not offered for this product, other than this web page, but if you find any bugs, I can be reached as follows:

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