Help for Students in Religion 34.203 at Carleton University

World Wide Web Pages

There is a student run project for setting up web pages related to the material covered by this course. The home page for this project is:
(where 'wct' stands for Women in Christian Tradition).

Students in the course may add new pages to this project. You will create your pages and store them in your UNIX/CHAT account (as described below). When you have added a new page, please send a message to grant neufeld <> telling him the name and location of the file so he can add it to the list. Please also list what category of page it is.

Web Page Categories

time - Timeline & Historical Events
words - Glossary, Definitions, Dictionary, Acronyms, etc.
book - Bibliography, Periodicals, other publication listings
biography - Biographical Information on Historical Figures & Others
geography - Historical Locations, Maps
text - Biblical Interpretation, Analysis, Debate, Discussion, etc.
interview - Interviews (transcripts)

(You can, of course, come up with your own categories if none of the above particularly suit your topics.)

Setting Up Your Web Pages

You will need to create a publically accessible directory in your UNIX/CHAT account called:


For instructions on how to do this on CHAT, from the 'Main Menu' go to the option:

'Help Desk'
When you have the 'Help Desk' screen showing, select the option:
'How to Set up Your Own WWW Information Page'


If you have pictures/graphics you want to add to your pages (I.E., maps, portraits of historical figures, diagrams...), please contact Grant (who has a color scanner available for this use).


There is a newsgroup (electronic discussion area) available for this course. You may post any questions, comments, notes or whatever you may have about the course to the newsgroup:

Further Assistance

If you have difficulties that are not explained above, please ask your question on the course newsgroup. If that is not sufficient, please contact Grant Neufeld at:

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