Historical Timeline

Grant's Notes on Historical Events

The items in this timeline are from the various notes I've made in class and my reading. Accuracy is not guaranteed.

Fourth Century B.C.E.


Apostolic Period
First Century

92 C.E.
- Earliest Eucharistic prayer

Apologetic Period

Writing of the defense of the church.

317 C.E.
- Christianity legalized by Emperor Constantine.

St. Justin Martyr
"The First Apology", "The Second Apology", "The Dialogue With Trypho the Jew"


325 C.E. - Great Council of Nicaea

The council was called by Constantine.
Lead to the breakup of the Church.

Twentieth Century

Presbyterians began ordaining women.
Lutherans began ordaining women.
First woman rabbi in the United States was ordained.
Episcopal church in the United States voted to recognize the ordination of women priests.
"Declaration on the Question of Admitting Women to the Priesthood" issued by Vatican.
Barbara Harris ordained as first female bishop of the Episcopal church.
Anglican church of South Africa voted to ordain women.
Church of England approved the ordination of women priests. The vote was one by two votes.


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