Historical Timeline

Art History

This information provided by Carol Reesor, who was a guest speaker for the class on the topic of Mary Magdalene especially concerning her portrayal in art. (February 26, 1996).

Historical Landmarks

4 Birth of Christ
30 Crucifiction
98 Roman Empire
313 Christianity legalized
393 Official religion
467 Vandals sack Rome
590 Pope Gregory Unifies Church
800 Charlemagne - Holy Roman Empire
1095 First crusade
1204 Crusaders take Constantinople
1387 Chucher "Canterbury Tales"
1431 Joan of Arc
1445 Gutenburg - first book
1517 Martin Luther protests
1522 Circumnavigation of world
1596 Shakespeare's "A Midsummer's Night's Dream"
1637 Descartes "I think..."
1672 Newton, gravity
1719 Defoe, "Robinson Crusoe"
1759 English take Quebec
1776 American independence
1815 Waterloo
1837 Queen Victoria's reign

Visual Arts

c. 50 Pompeii
70 Colosseum
320 St. Peter's Basilica
250 Dura Europa's "Two Women at Tomb"
400 "Holy Women at the Tomb"
532 Hagia "Sophia"
825 Book of Kells
1063 San Marco Venice
1073 Bayeaux Tapestry
1194 Chartres (Fr.) begun
1304 Scrougeni Chapel Padua
1432 Van Eych - Ghent Attar
1478 Botticelli "Prima Vera"
1495 da Vinci "Last Supper"
1501 Michelangelo "David"
1503 da Vinci "Mona Lisa"
1510 Isenheim Altar Piece
1516 Titian "Assumption"
1565 Tintoretto "Crucifiction"
1633 Van Dych - Charles
1642 Rembrandt "Night Watch"
1770 West, Death of Wolfe
1814 Goya "Third of May"
1839 Daquerre - first photo

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